Luxe Stars Stripes Goose Down Pillow
Luxe Stars Stripes Goose Down Pillow
Luxe Stars Stripes Goose Down Pillow
Luxe Stars Stripes Goose Down Pillow
Luxe Stars Stripes Goose Down Pillow
Luxe Stars Stripes Goose Down Pillow
Luxe Stars Stripes Goose Down Pillow
Luxe Stars Stripes Goose Down Pillow
Luxe Stars Stripes Goose Down Pillow
Luxe Stars Stripes Goose Down Pillow

750 F.P Luxe Stars Stripes Goose Down Pillow

750 F.P Luxe Stars Stripes Goose Down Pillow

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Don’t let your pillow stop you from getting a good night’s sleep! Dreams come true with our favorite pillow, featuring a three-chambered design wrapped in 750-fill white goose down and filled with ultra-clean feathers for support.

600 TC cotton fabric is antibacterial and breathable, healthy and skin-friendly, with a more delicate feel and better mute effect.Keep down and feathers from sneaking through the fabric.

      • Filling:Top and bottom:100% goose down & Middle:Goose feather
      • Filling power:750 F.P
      • Structure: Three-chambered
      • Fabric:100% cotton
      • Threads: 600 TC
      • Weight:Queen:32 oz
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      Making Sleep Dreams Come True!

      With a 750 fill power and long-lasting resilience and elasticity, the three-chamber design provides firm and robust support, balancing luxury and comfort.

      750 F.P

      Carefully selected large-cluster white goose down from the belly, with a loftiness of 750, and 33 rounds of water-washing and dust-removing processes ensure that the down is exceptionally clean and free of impurities, providing a soft and luxurious experience.


      The pillow features a 3-chamber construction, with soft 750 F.P goose down filling the top and bottom layers and feathers filling the middle layer. This design provides a cloud-like softness while ensuring proper structural support for the pillow.

      600TC Sateen

      The 600TC sateen shell has been treated with ultra-soft and silent treatment, feels soft and skin-friendly, and has a delicate and smooth luster, unlocking a five-star sleep experience.

      Subjected To The Strictest Testing And Certification.




      Oeko Tex-100

      Responsible Down and Feathers

      Respect the welfare of birds and geese. Down or feathers removed from live birds are refused and the five freedoms of animal welfare are respected.

      1000mm Cleanliness

      The goose down is subjected to 33 water washing processes to remove grease, impurities, and odors, maintaining a cleanliness level of 1000 millimeters.


      Swiss SANITIZED® antimicrobial technology, effectively controls the growth of harmful microorganisms, safe and reliable, non-irritating or allergenic to the human body.

      Focus on Goose Down

      From the breeding of white geese to the creation of pillows, we strictly adhere to sustainable and humane principles. Focused on the production of down products, we are committed to the promise of a high-quality lifestyle.


      • Zero-gravity, cloud-like sleep experience.
      • This pillow is filled with 750F.P down and feathers.
      • It features a 3-chamber construction with down on the top and bottom layers for perfect contouring and feather in the middle layer for structural support.
      • The ultra-soft skin-feel fabric with 600 thread count is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
      • Breathable and Cool Airflow: Down is naturally breathable and has numerous small pores that accelerate air circulation, reducing sweating and overall discomfort caused by sleeping hot.

      The pillow has a medium height and medium softness.

      Ideal for: Back sleepers, side sleepers or anyone who needs some head support - such as those with a softer mattress or narrower shoulders.

      It’s a good idea to wash your pillow in the washing machine at least every six months. In most cases, washing your pillow is as easy as running it through the wash on a short, gentle cycle – washing down pillows with cool water and low drying cycles. Make sure to use gentle soaps on down alternative and wash pillows together for a balanced load.Washing Guide

      About once per week or every time you change your sheets, we recommend that you shake out your pillows and fluff them up. Fluffing keeps the fill evenly distributed throughout, and loosens any debris on the outside before it can work its way into the middle.

      Producing natural-filled pillows or duvets may have many issues, including the sourcing of feathers and down. That is why the best bedding suppliers only work with partners who share the same ethical values. At Peterhanun, we want the benefits of bedding to extend beyond a good night's sleep. All our sustainable goose down and feather bedding are responsibly sourced and independently audited for compliance. Our suppliers are also monitored to ensure they practice the highest standards of production. Our ethically sourced goose down duvets and pillows are also certified by Downpass® and RDS, making them products with ethical value. You can check the authenticity of the certificationlink.

      Absolutely! Beyond the 30 night sleep trial there is a one year warranty. You won’t lose sleep over this purchase.

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