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Popular questions

What is the difference between down and feathers?

Down and feathers come from exactly the same place: a goose or a duck.
Feathers are the outer covering of the bird; they make it possible for the animal to fly, and they contain quills.
Down  lie beneath the protective feather covering of the bird. They typically come from the soft underside of the animal's belly and provide insulation to keep it warm. Down fibres are light and fluffy, and do not contain any quills. For this reason, pure down is considered to be one of the best fillings for your pillows. Their light and airy fibres make the pillow malleable, and ideal for a soft, supportive pillow. Down is perfectly conducive to a comfortable sleep and also provides excellent temperature control, adapting to your body's internal temperature. This will help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Where do Peterhanun products come from?

Our products are designed by our team in United States and our manufacturing team in China meets the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BCSI) to ensure fair labor practices. Our products are shipped from our warehouse in Oakland, California, and some products are shipped from China.

Peterhanun uses duck down or goose down?

All of our products are filled with goose down, fill power of down depends on the size of the down cluster. Well, geese are much bigger than ducks, so it makes sense that they have bigger down clusters,so we've always stuck with goose down, which is why it's so expensive.

Is your down material ethically sourced?

A lot of sins can go into making a natural-filled pillow or duvet, including the way the feather and down is sourced. That’s why the best bed linen suppliers only work with partners that share their ethical values. At peterhanun, we want our bedding benefits to extend way beyond a great night’s sleep.

All our sustainable goose down and feather bedding is responsibly sourced, independently
audited for compliance and supplied with the assurance that it has been sourced only as a by-product. Our suppliers are also monitored to ensure they practice the highest standards of care.

This is reflected in our accreditations. All peterhanun cases and fills are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, meaning they’re free from harmful substances. Our ethically sourced goose down duvets and pillows also hold the Downpass ® and RDS certifications, making them an ethical values products.You can check the authenticity of the certification by clicking on the link below..

What is the ratio of down and feathers?

The proportion of down and feathers for each product will be different. You can find the answer in the description column of the product page.

Why does down have a special smell?

The smell you smell is natural to our down products - it just shows that our down has not been washed with special chemicals!

Our down has gone through 6-8 physical cleaning and drying processes, without adding any chemical detergent in the process, removing 99.9% of impurities and oil, and the cleanliness can reach 1000+.

To help get rid of that smell, we recommend airing out your product by taking it out of the packaging and placing it outside on a dry day for a few hours.

We never recommend washing our item at home in the washing machine, as this will damage the down clusters. If you'd like, you can dry clean the item, but keep in mind that this will shorten its lifespan.Wet down will have a greater odor, so be sure to keep the product dry and dry it regularly!

How do I wash down products?

We have prepared detailed washing instructions for you, you can refer to the washing guide to solve this problem.

What should I do if the pillows and quilts have been used for a while?

Your pillows and quilts may have accumulated sweat due to prolonged use, causing the down to clump together, as I said, the first step: put it in a dry and ventilated place for 2-3 days, or dry it in a dryer for 30 minutes Let the pillow dry well (remember not to expose it to the sun, which will yellow the cotton fabric). The second step is to wait until the pillow is dry, knead the pillow with both hands, fold it in half and beat it repeatedly, let the air fill the pillow, and the pillow will slowly return to a fluffy state.
We recommend drying your pillows and quilts once a month to help keep them fluffy and hygienic.

How to understand filling power, down content, Fill weight, product weight?

Fill Power, Down content,Fill Weight, and Product Weight are three key measurements to help understand the quality and warmth of our Down products.

Fill Power refers to the loft of the down used in the item or how voluminous (puffy) that down is. Loft is another way of measuring how many cubic inches of space one ounce of that down fill takes up. The loftier the down, the more space there is for air to get trapped, and therefore, the more insulated it is.An important factor that determines the filling power is the content of down. The higher the down content, the more fluffy the filling is.

Down content:We usually see different content standards such as 95%\90%\50%\30%, which refer to the proportion of pure down and feathers, feather silk and other impurities in the raw materials. For example, 95% of white goose down contains only 5% impurities and the rest is pure down. Of course, if it is 0%, it is called feather. The higher the ratio, the better the quality of down.

Fill Weight literally refers to the total weight of the down in the item. This is measured in grams and is a helpful variable in determining the warmth of an item.

Product Weight is the weight of the entire finished product, regardless of fill-weight and fill-power.

For more information on down, you can check out this article of ours, which explains everything you need to know about down.

Are all Peterhanun products hypoallergenic?

Yes! products is hypoallergenic because it is made from natural material. Pillow and duvet are hypoallergenic,because the inner down material has been thoroughly cleaned (up to more than 6-8 procedures of cleaning, sterilization, dust removal, drying, etc.).

Our fabric has also passed the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification, you can use it with confidence, it will not make your skin allergic and uncomfortable

What certifications do your products have?

All of our goose down products follow the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and Certified by BSCI, DOWNPASS and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.
You can find us on any certification official website, we promise the authenticity of the certification.

How long will the transportation take?

We will ship the goods as soon as we receive your order, you can refer to the shipping time in your area (the specific time may change due to different carriers)
United States:3-10days United kingdom:6-9days Canada:6-12days Australia:8-10days Israel:6-9days Ireland:6-10days.

Questions about down pillows

What is the size of your down pillow?

How to make the pillow fluffy?

When you receive the compression pillow and quilt, it looks very collapsed, don't worry! As I said, rub the pillow with both hands, fold it in half and beat it repeatedly, let the air fill the pillow, and the pillow will slowly return to its fluffy state.

Let it sit for a night to let the filling slowly stretch out and achieve the best condition!

What is a three-layer cavity structure?

Most brands of pillows have a ball of filling stuffed into a cloth bag. The difference between us and other brands is that our pillow is like a hamburger structure, filled with soft goose down on the top and bottom layers, ensuring that the skin can enjoy the softness of the goose down.

The middle layer is filled with feathers for structural support, and the firm feathers maintain the shape of the pillow.

What is the height of the pillow?

Height: 14-16cm Middle: 11-13cm Low:8-10cm
The above is the height when sleeping

Questions about down duvet

What is the size of your duvet?

How to make the duvets fluffy?

When you receive the compression pillow and quilt, it looks very collapsed, don't worry! As I said, rub the pillow with both hands, fold it in half and beat it repeatedly, let the air fill the pillow, and the pillow will slowly return to its fluffy state.

Let it sit for a night to let the filling slowly stretch out and achieve the best condition!

Order questions

When will my order start shipping?

After we receive your order, we will arrange delivery for you within 8 hours

The delivery address of my order is incorrect, how can I amend it?

Do not worry! You can contact our customer service after payment, tell us the correct address, and we will modify it for you immediately. If your package is already in transit, we will try to contact the carrier to change the address, but cannot guarantee success.

Shoot us an email at support@peterhanun.com with your order and correct address and we will revise your destination.

I recently placed an order, but there is an event going on right now! Do you allow price adjustments?

We always want our customers to get the very best deal, so we will gladly match the event offer on an order placed up to 7 days before the active promotion. Please note, we cannot stack two promotions on top of each other.

Shoot us an email at support@peterhanun.com with your order number included, and we will adjust your final purchase.

What if I forget to add the promo code during checkout?

If you forgot to add your promo code at checkout, please email support@peterhanun.com with your order number and offer details. We will try to find the best solution for you!

My order appears to have been delivered, but I didn't actually receive it! what do I do?

If your order was marked as delivered but it is not at the desired location, we first suggest verifying the shipping address on your order. If the shipping address is correct, check all possible locations around your home, apartment, or office and see if someone else accepted the delivery.

Additionally, packages may be prematurely marked as delivered. We suggest waiting 3 business days for your package to arrive after the listed delivered date. If your order does not arrive within this time frame, please reach out to us at support@peterhanun.comand We will check the details through the carrier and give you feedback!

Please be aware, lost packages must be reported within 14 days of the marked delivery date.

Do I need to pay for shipping?

We support free shipping to most countries around the world,

Can i cancel the order?

You can cancel an order at any time before we ship it, this will not cancel the order immediately if it is already in transit. A refund request can only be initiated after you have received the item.


What is your return policy?

We want everyone to get the best sleep possible and know it takes a few nights, washes, and naps to get a feel for the difference Peterhanun can make. With our risk-free 30 nights trial and return policy, you can try Peterhanun products in the comfave a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

To start a return, you can contact us at support@peterhanun.com. If your return is accepted, we’ll send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted.

Check out the return policy at this link.

How do I initiate a return ?

If you want to return, please go to your order page to initiate a return request, or contact us directly through support@peterhanun.com

Can I return it even after used and washed?

We accept returns in any condition within 30 days of purchase! We would never leave a customer with a product they didn't absolutely love, so if you wash an item, try it out, and decide it's just not for you, we can definitely still initiate a return.

If your items have been washed or used, they are sent to one of our donation centers.

Do i need to keep any of the packaging or boxes?

For all of our other products, any box will do for a return. But if you have the space, feel free to hold onto it, as it might be the easiest way to get your products back to us.