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Down is a natural miracle that offers unrivaled comfort and warmth; it is more than just the fluffy filling for bedding. Come with us as we delve into the world of down. We will examine its various aspects, and benefits, and provide guidance on selecting the ideal down items that meet your needs. This comprehensive guide will offer detailed information.

What is down?

The words "down" and "feathers" are combined to form the word "down." Down is the actual cluster that gives down its worth, while feathers offer support and enable down to recover quickly.

Down clusters are spherical, three-dimensional objects that resemble dandelions in that they have a central core and numerous radiating filaments. Each hollow scale that makes up these filaments is one of hundreds of small, overlapping scales.

Non-moving air is trapped in these scales. Between filaments and clusters, large amounts of air are trapped. This is how down's remarkable insulation is achieved.

Cotton, silk, synthetic materials, and wool are linear fibers with less trapped air than down. Over time, they may compact and lose some of their insulation and comfort. In contrast, even after prolonged use, down keeps its fluff.

Goose down vs. duck down differences


Common pillow and duvets fillings include goose down and duck down. According to research, white goose down is usually larger, of higher quality, and has a higher fill power than duck down. Goose down generally provides more warmth than duck down.


The smell of goose and duck down differs, and this is frequently related to their diets. Goose feathers are larger and fluffier than duck feathers because geese take longer to grow. Geese take about 100 days to grow, while ducks only take 40 days. Peterhanun's duvet has a very high filling power, reaching 900+. Peterhanun's duvet has a very high filling power, reaching 900+. Ducks eat various things like grains, veggies, bugs, and shellfish, which makes their feathers fatty and smell different. Because they are herbivores, geese have less fat in their plumage and have a softer odor.

Fill Power:

Goose feathers are larger and fluffier than duck feathers because geese take longer to grow. Geese take about 100 days to grow, while ducks only take 40 days. Peterhanun's duvet has a very high filling power, reaching 900+. Peterhanun's duvet has a very high filling power, reaching 900+.

Advantages and Benefits

Due to its low thermal conductivity, down has great insulation qualities and is essential for retaining heat. The body loses heat through conduction, convection, and radiation during the colder months. Heat loss from clothing and blankets happens mostly through conduction, necessitating the use of insulating materials with poor thermal conductivity, such as down.

  • Down is organic and durable:The waste of the poultry industry down is naturally biodegradable and contains at least 80% protein. The need for down as a cozy and warm natural insulator will always exist as long as there is a market for goose and duck meat.
  • High fill power, longevity, and strong resilience:Because they are linear and easily compressed, synthetic, cotton, wool, and silk fibers over time lose their insulating properties. Down maintains its Fill power through its three-dimensional structure, which contains trapped air. Products made with duck down can last 10 to 15 years, whereas those made with goose down can last 20 to 30 years.
  • Outstanding Insulation:Down products have a 20–50% lower thermal conductivity than standard fabrics of equal thickness, offering 1-4 times more insulation. The best natural insulator is down, which is followed in quality by camel down, wool, camel hair, and cotton.
  • Lackluster Flammability:Down is naturally fire-resistant because it is an animal protein and doesn't burn at temperatures below 100°C. Other materials, notably synthetics, need to be treated to be flame-resistant. Duvets are not required to undergo fire testing in California, USA.
  • Good breathability and moisture wicking:Due to its three-dimensional structure and huge surface area, down quickly absorbs and dissipates moisture. Down's natural oils aid in managing moisture, which is one of their benefits.
  • Reducing energy consumption:By reducing the demand for interior heating and using less energy, energy costs can be reduced. Additionally, compared to nylon, synthetic fibers, cotton, acrylic, polyester, and organic cotton wool, down has reduced CO2 emissions during production.

The Origins of the Best Down in the World



Down products are revered for their superior comfort and warmth. When choosing quality duvets and pillows, the origin of the down is very important. Here are three down-producing regions that are world-renowned for their excellence and craftsmanship:

  • Hungarian knowledge:Hungary is renowned for its sophisticated methods of down processing. Hungary creates soft, fluffy, and cozy down goods that people adore using highly advanced production techniques.
  • Canadian Arctic Excellence:Because of the great cold of Canada, which is close to the Arctic, down is extremely insulated. Duck and goose down from Canada is prized for its extraordinary warmth and fullness.
  • Siberian Luxury Wild:Due to Siberia's comparatively pure natural setting, wild goose and duck down are in high demand. Due to their wild origins, these down products are regarded as luxurious and priceless.
  • The artisan craftsmanship of Poland:Polish down production is renowned for using age-old handcrafted techniques. Each item is produced by hand to assure its individuality and excellent quality, making them works of art.
  • United States Innovation and Precision:The US prioritizes down production innovation, fusing comfort with technology. US down products benefit from distinct advantages in quality and functionality thanks to this precise innovation.
  • China's Extensive Knowledge:China is a significant producer of down and is proud of its extensive expertise and wealth of experience. Chinese down goods are well-liked throughout the world and renowned for their variety and excellence.


Fill Power and Fill Weight: Things to Know

  • The capacity of a down to expand is measured by fill power, also known as fill power (FP). According to US standards, it's the space that one ounce (28.34 grams) of down takes up under particular circumstances, measured in cubic inches. One ounce of down has a Fill Power of 500 FP if it occupies 500 cubic inches of space.
  • The weight of all the down filling inside a pillow or duvet is known as the fill weight, which serves as a quality indication for down items. Season, use, and product size can all affect fill weight.



    RDS and Downpass Certification Information

    To get a good night's sleep, ethical sourcing is necessary. All of our down is certified to high criteria and guidelines, such as the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and Down Pass.

    DOWNPASS Requirement:

    Assuring rigorous standards for traceable down and feathers, animal care, and quality is the mission of the member firm organization known as DOWNPASS. A system with international recognition is desired to satisfy ethical sourcing requirements.

    If a company satisfies the conditions, it can join DOWNPASS, including suppliers and brands. Members of DOWNPASS who satisfy association and audit requirements may use the DOWNPASS label. Downpass requirements include.

    • No live plucking.
    • No forced feeding (generation of goose liver)
    • Watching the breeding environment
    • Traceability to certain breeding grounds
    • There isn't any concurrent farming.
    • Quality assurance by reputable testing organizations

      RDS: Responsible Down Standard

      RDS certification seeks to guarantee the down supply chain's humane treatment of waterfowl. It offers resources for examining the sources of information and preventing needless cruelty to animals. There are six modules in the standard:

      • Farm
      • Module for the slaughterhouse
      • Transport Module
      • The Small Farm Group (SFG) module
      • TE content claim requirements
      • Certification for hatcheries (optional)

      The validity of certificates for Peterhanun down pillows and duvets can be verified.

      Tips for Picking a Duvet


      A top-notch duvet is necessary for a relaxing night's sleep. Choosing the best brand can be difficult due to the abundance of options. How do you deal with the complexity? of fabric, size, fill power, and down content to make the best decision? Here are seven guidelines to help you choose the ideal duvet.

      How to Choose a Duvet: Your Ultimate Guide to Comfortable Sleep

      Tips for Picking a Down Pillow

      Do you prefer to sleep on your stomach or your side? Do you favor a soft or firm pillow? Do you have a sore neck when you wake up? You can't get enough support from soft pillows, and hard pillows could be uncomfortable.

      When it comes to down pillows, images of opulent five-star hotels and silky relaxation pop into people's heads. But it's essential to read this post first if you want to discover a satisfying down pillow. Here's how to choose the ideal down pillow and get all the information you require.

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