We Give Back

An Introduction ToPETERHANUN's Charity Program

PETERHANUN promotes sustainable living, cares for the planet, and improves life in poor areas. Join us to build a green, better home.


In order to achieve the sustainable development goals, we will take the following actions: reduce energy consumption and waste generation, optimize resource utilization, promote the application of renewable energy, adopt environmentally friendly technologies and innovative solutions; establish a sustainable supply chain, choose environmental protection and social responsibility suppliers, jointly promote the construction of green supply chain; actively participate in community environmental protection activities, improve public environmental awareness, and encourage employees to participate in public welfare activities. We believe that only by working together can we create a better, greener, and peaceful planet, and we work with Greenpeace to jointly achieve the sustainable development goals.

PETERHANUN X The Nature Conservancy

Adhering to the mission of The Nature Conservancy, we focus on ecological protection and sustainable development, and strive to achieve harmonious coexistence between man and nature. On Earth, we actively engage in environmental protection, restore ecology, support biodiversity, reduce carbon emissions, and improve resource utilization efficiency. At the same time, we advocate green living, enhance public awareness of environmental protection, and jointly create a beautiful earth so that the beautiful vision of The Nature Conservancy can be realized on the earth.

PETERHANUN X Green Watershed

We cooperate with Green Watershed to encourage employees to participate in environmental protection activities and raise environmental awareness. Outdoor environmental protection activities and the establishment of environmental protection reward mechanisms, etc. Contribute to protecting the ecological environment and achieving sustainable development.


In 2023, we will target the cause of global environmental protection and achieve fruitful results in international cooperation with conservation, such as restoring trees, supporting ocean protection, and investing in the green economy. Although not directly involved in all projects, the company demonstrates a strong commitment to protecting nature and promoting human life together. In the future, we will deepen our cooperation with Conservation International and continue to contribute to global environmental protection.