Peterhanun's Choice of Down: Hollo-Bagi White Goose Down from Hungary

Sep 9, 2023

Peterhanun's Choice of Down: Hollo-Bagi White Goose Down from Hungary

Directly sourced Hungarian Hollo-Bagi White Goose Down is found at 45 degrees north latitude, in the center of the Golden Down Belt along the Danube River. The climate in this area is temperate continental, with plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. Every Hollo-Bagi White Goose Down cluster has a remarkable 1000mm high cleanliness due to the natural purity of the down and the clean, clear Danube River waters and air.


In order to guarantee that premium down comes from the region where it all started, Peterhanun established a direct sourcing system in the Danube River basin. This region is known for being a premium origin. We treasure the warmth each cluster of down provides and are incredibly grateful for the wonders of nature.

Hungarian White Goose Down is particularly soft and delicate in texture thanks to Zsolt Petrás's over 30 years of scientific and unique breeding expertise, the origin's guardian.

The Hollo-Bagi White Geese are raised in a free-range environment where they can forage on natural grassy areas and hunt for fresh fish and shrimp in the Danube River. White geese that are naturally grown produce low-oil, pure white, and naturally odorless down, making them a priceless treasure in the world of down. This is due to their excellent water source, pristine environment, and fresh diet.


Due to their large size, abundant down clusters, high down content, and excellent elasticity, Hollo-Bagi White Geese are highly prized in the global market for high-end premium down.


Rigid selection is a key component of our sourcing strategy, with an emphasis on harvesting down clusters at the ideal stage of organic growth. Given that the growth cycle is longer and the down clusters are larger, this meticulous approach guarantees larger down clusters and a scarcity of down yield.


The Hollo-Bagi White Geese, which flourish in Hungary's pristine natural environment and provide exceptional quality and comfort in every down product we make, are the source of the down that we take great pride in using in our products.

Hungarian Pure Goose Down Pillow

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